Lifetime Learning & Employee Wellbeing

myAko helps you to attract, recruit, and retain talent.

What does research tell us?

Gartner survey reveals 91% of HR leaders are concerned about employee turnover in the immediate future.

Nearly 50% of employees hired over the past 12 months had 2 additional job offers.

56% of employees would leave their job if their employees stopped training, and 31% previously left a position because of this issue.

myAko passionately wants to help HR Leaders and organisations address some of these challenges. Which is why we have launched two new exciting and cost-effective programs. We offer a vast range of unlimited access to digital learning and lifestyle programs that can be purchased individually or bundled together. Great packages to engage and reward your teams.

Access lifetime learning, with over 650 bite-size modules

Health, wellbeing and fitness, with over 140 training modules

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Welcome to myAko Lifetime Learning & Employee Wellbeing

myAko recognises the world is changing and it’s essential to deliver continuous support and training to both office based, remote and hybrid workers. Which is why myAko and their partners, have developed this exciting new initiative to deliver bite size engaging programs. With access to over 650 bite-size digital learning courses. Starting from as little as buying a cup of coffee ☕ per day (based on a 12 month subscription), these are affordable programs for organisations of all sizes.

How does it work?
Your team can freely access the myAko Lifetime package, throughout your subscription period. They simply click on the program they would like to view and away they go!

Improving and refreshing your skills

We are frequently approached by learners asking how to access more digital learning. They have a thirst for knowledge, they want to either refresh their existing skills, or learn something new. Quite often, in their own time. Organisations often don’t provide an extensive library of digital learning content they can freely access, as the focus is on training allocated by their organisation. Which is why we have partnered with Skillshub to offer this extensive range of bite-size courses to give all your teams access to learning, any place, anytime, anywhere.

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Health, Wellbeing and Fitness

Promoting health, wellbeing and fitness can help prevent stress and create positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive. Good health and wellbeing can be a core enabler of employee engagement and organisational performance. Why not subscribe to our innovative program in partnership with Ben & Nina at LRG Fitness, it’s less than a cup of coffee per day and far more healthy!

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