Full integration with your HR and payroll systems.
Setting up a new solution used to be hard. We've made it as pain-free as possible.
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Every workplace has multiple technology providers; the last thing you need is a seperate set of data for each one. That's why we've invested heavily in making our interface as smooth as possible, giving you time to focus on the important stuff.
Data transfer that fits your needs...
Fully automated
Align your HR or payroll system with myAko, with our real-time feed. Connecting through an API (Application Protocol Interface) means we are always able to retrieve the live data we need, giving your employees the best and most accurate experience.
If your provider(s) don't support an API, that's ok! We will agree a safe data transfer on a regular basis, which can be automated too. Each day your system will place a data extract in a safe location (a File Transfer Protocol, or FTP) and our system will pick that up and upload it. That means your data will only be a maximum of 24-hours behind the latest updates.
When it suits you
Automation isn't the only way to keep your solution up-to-date. You can import your own data directly into the platform. That includes your organisation's details, as well as your historic training records. The whole process is quick and easy, and it's something you can do when it suits you.
Technical help is on hand if you need it, and we can help you decide the best approach for you.
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