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Each orb in our logo reflects the 5 parts to the solution. The lines between show how they are integrated, working together in perfect harmony.
In 2017, we decided that learning and managing your business was way too time-consuming. We realised that many business owners and employees were suffering with burnout, stress and struggling to keep businesses afloat without a clear view of what was going on. That's when our initial concept was developed.
Each myAko solution is bespoke to you and your needs. With a series of customisable features, no two solutions are the same!
In 2018, we started developing the solution, creating our brand and developing a new style of learning. Later on in 2018, we launched, reached our first 1,000,000 milestone and started making sales!
A Maori concept meaning to learn, to teach, to study, to coach and to reflect.
2019 has been a big one. Our marketing efforts reached over 10,000,000, we entered new markets, restyled and remodelled our offering and expanded the team.
Senior Management Team
Kevin is our chief troublemaker. As MD, he is leading our SME service revolution! When not mind-mapping, he's sitting with our customers and our team, to see how we can make everyone’s lives easier. Kevin is a real foodie, hence spending so much time in the gym to reduce his waistline!
Client Success
Our very own king of suits, Jordan is a huge sports fan and supports his hometown football team, Manchester United! Working as Client Success Manager, dapper Jordan works super hard showing businesses how to change their world!
Client Success
Once placing 2nd in the physique category of a fitness competition, Aaron doesn’t shy away from lifting heavy in the gym! When he’s not in the gym, or admiring the latest supercar, Aaron is sharing our latest innovations, empowering others to change their world!
As our Digital Marketing Consultant, Sophie's job is to think up creative ways to let everyone know who we are, and what we do! A certified Google Partner, Sophie is a thrillseeker, having skydived from 15,000ft for charity and walked up the Eiffel Tower!
Head of Design & Development
An avid Newcastle United fan, Joe works with myAko as our Innovation Guru to produce our web content, videos and animations. Joe proudly wears the title of ‘Dynamic Daredevil’ after skiing the hardest, most dangerous black run in Europe!
We believe in openess, honesty, and putting a bit of ourselves in everything we do.
We're all down-to-earth, straight-talking and not afraid to try out new things. Got a challenge? That's where we thrive. Got some pizza? Even better. It's a mixture of fun, hard work and a supportive environment that makes us who we are.
We're myAko. We're proud to be different.
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