One platform, bursting with features. Much more than an LMS.
We're talking about a learning platform, super-sized, at an affordable price. Think real-time reports, learning management, task lists and a whole lot more.
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Everything you'd expect, and much more.
We get it, there's certain things that you just need a learning management system to do.
Upload and create learning content, provide compliance reporting, assign courses in bulk. (And yes, we do do all those things...) But then there's the stuff that just makes life easier. Like an automated hierarchy builder, created in seconds with one simple data upload or maybe even a communications package that keeps your entire organisation informed. We've got all of this and more with our solution.
More than an LMS.
Our platform does all the things that you might expect. And some you might not. Our whole mission is to make your life simpler, and here's how we do it:
Events management
Manage face-to-face training, company days and large-scale meetings with our integrated events tool, feeding directly into compliance reporting, career pathway and other key tools.
Mobile app
Our learning, reporting, dashboards and more are all available with our mobile app. Manage your business on the go with any iOS or Android device.
We're all about this being your solution. It's not all about us. Customise your solution with your company branding, logo and colour schemes, and log in with your own bespoke portal.
Want something a little different?
Host your own learning with us.
Create and upload courses on the go, or venture into a new world of learning with myAko...
10-minute interactive courses
3D real-world environments
Virtual reality learning
All linked to your real-time compliance reporting suite
Learning that works for you
We are here to save you and your employees time. Our learning can be delivered in 10-minute bites, and is accessible whenever and wherever your staff are.
Accessible to all
Our learning is available in 103 languages, giving your staff their critical training in an environment and language that they are comfortable with.
Knowledge assessments
Avoid putting your staff through the same training each year with assessments that identify what they already know, and what they actually need.
Online course certificates
Passed a course? Great! Access your certificate straight away with myAko, with options to print and download for your records.
A handy reporting suite
Decisions need to happen in seconds.
Having data that you can trust is key to that process. Enjoy instant insights that will put you in the know:
Instant compliance reporting
Customisable report builds
Team tasks, events and communications
Better relationships through communication
We get it, emails don't always work.
Create company broadcasts with notifications in minutes. Couple this with a customised survey, automated reminders and track how your employees are really feeling.
Publish news
Create and publish your own newsletters to keep your team up-to-date.
Conduct feedback
Gather opinions and insights with a simple-to-use survey tool that will keep your finger on the pulse.
Document Library
Store your important documents, policies, procedures and other media content in one trackable and secure place.
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Our solutions are designed around you.
Tell us what you need and join our focus groups. Then, we can solve your problems together.
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