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What you need to do at a glance - Dashboards

Previously we frequently heard complaints from learners that they didn't know what training to do and when? Even when they did, it was hard to find all of the different courses which is why we have now placed all of your features in one dashboard. This means within 2 clicks, a learner can see what courses need to be completed by which date, including whether they are compliant? It couldn't be easier and gives the responsibility back to the learner to complete their training. We have a number of dashboards which are detailed below:
Learner dashboards
Team dashboards
Organisation dashboards
Trend reporting
We have even made the team managers job easier by including a team dashboard which tells you what courses your team have completed and when. Whether they are overdue or not, plus how many modules they have completed. You can filter by team member and different types of courses. You can also approve events, print and save course completion certificates, all from your team dashboard.
What our clients say
"Dashboards are easy to use and understand. I can see at a glance who I need to chase and why? It's great to have all of my learner certificates in one place, which are automatically archived once I've downloaded them. It's simple things like this, which makes my job easier"

Reporting suite

We very much appreciate that accurate and timely reports are essential to allow you to ensure that everyone is up to date with their training. We now have an extensive suite of real time activity reports to allow you to monitor all of your learners activity from one location. The great news is from a compliance perspective, all of your eLearning, virtual and Face to Face training can be integrated into combined reports. You can even update training records for courses not completed on myAko. These reports include:
Real time reporting
Activity monitoring across all features
Red, amber, green status
CSV & Excel report export
You can force update reports, to ensure they are current and utilise the filters to change the information you require. For example filtering by Site, Role or Course. You can even save your customised report for future use. Need to export the data to provide board reports or for audit purposes, we have you covered, as you can export to CSV or Excel files. Need to track who has accepted or attended an event, who has read your document, or when your learners last logged into myAko, yes, that is also available at your finger tips, and the great thing is, they and much more are all real-time reports.
What our clients say
"Being able to see the RAG report which highlights in RED who is overdue, makes it simple and quick to identify my problem areas. Also easy to export reports during audits. I wish I had this functionality before, as it makes my job a lot easier"

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Events management

Looking for an events management solution that helps you to schedule and manage your face to face and virtual events, look no further, myAko has you covered. You can publish public events, where your learners can bid for a place or event, or make it invite only. Set alerts to ensure that the event has maximum attendance or the ability to cancel should there be insufficient people to make this economically viable. Where applicable you can combine both event and eLearning into one set of compliant reports, giving you the ability to monitor all training in one place.
Publish your own events
Detailed joining instructions
Manage attendees
Digital attendance register
Tutor marked pass or fail
Real-time reports on learner dashboards
Giving your event organisers and tutors full control. This is not just administration rights to set up your own events, but also monitor who has accepted invites and whether the event is over or under subscribed. Your tutor can make attendance, plus pass or fail (where appropriate). Should your learner pass, your real time reports are updated and the learner is issued with a digital event pass certificate. myAko manages the entire process for you, taking away the hard work and making your life easier.
What our clients say
"We used to spend many hours and days trying to manage all of our internal and external courses. myAko brings all of this activity into one feature and we don't know how we managed previously without it. Being able to upload other external training certificates has made this feature even better."
White label

Build and brand

You want your clients and learners to know that this is your organisation's LMS, representing your brand and your brand guidelines. In that case, we can develop you a branded login page and branded site where you determine what features you would like to use. If you would like a branded mobile App, we can do that for you as well. Just ask the team and we will be happy to explore the 'art of the possible' to best reflect your brand and your values.
Your own unique branded login page
Align to your brand guidelines
Add your organisations logo
Colour the system your way
White label
Your Brand, your Colours, your LMS, all at an affordable price, what more can you ask for!
What our clients say
"As far as our clients and our employees are concerned, this is our LMS, and it was relatively quick and easy to set up. myAko make it a painless transition process, which they are happy to update, based on our organisation changes and brand guidelines"

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Hierarchy builder

Ever watched a group of developers and the myAko Founder Kevin Ashley in a room trying to scope a new feature? You will experience lows, highs, laughter, tears and many, many debates. As they seek to simplify the most complex systems. The hierarchy builder was one of our biggest challenges. How to make this as simple as possible for our company administrators, allowing them to use an export from a HR or Payroll system, CSV or Excel and quickly import this into myAko, to give a visual representation of an organisation, was a challenge and a half, that caused many sleepless nights. We are pretty proud of what we achieved, which makes migrating from another LMS provider or setting up your first solution, significantly easier. This feature includes:
CSV/Excel organisation import
Historical training records import
Graphical organisation display
Easy to maintain and update
You have complete control of your organisation courses. You can determine who completes what training, allocating by site, role or individual. You can even set the pass mark and the number of attempts your learners have to complete the end of course assessment. Should they exceed these attempts, they simply have to retake the course again. Once you set up your organisation course assignment rules, then myAko manages the entire process for you, giving you more time for the important stuff.
What our clients say
"Don't know what I would do without the Course Assignment Rules or the Hierarchy Builder features, because once you set this up, I don't need to worry because myAko does the work for me"
Document management


Do you want to publish and manage all of your policies and procedures in one place. Determine who can read what document or video, plus monitor when your team access these, then you can do all of this with the myAko Library feature:
Upload and publish documents
Upload and publish video content
Control who can access which documents
Read receipt reporting
Document management
Regularly updating policies and procedures, ensuring your team are all using the latest version, which they can access via the web or myAko mobile App, couldn't be simpler. You have complete control and your team can access all of these in a couple of clicks, on myAko.
What our clients say
"The monitoring of who reads what, and when, plus my team, confirming they have read the document, makes this a cool feature. No more out of date documents posted on site notice boards!"

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Ever wanted to own a newspaper or be a news editor or reporter? Well now you can with myAko as you can easily publish your own organisation news. You can import images and video content and even receive feedback from readers. What are you waiting for, realise your dream and publish your own organisation news today!
Create and publish news stories
Include image and video content
Control who can see what news
Likes and comments feature
Keep everyone up to date including recognising or celebrating your success. Receive instant feedback and encourage debate, with your own news feature. It's quick to edit and publish, easy to maintain, as you determine how long the news is available to your teams. No excuse now for not keeping everyone up to date, get started today, with the myAko news feature.
What our clients say
"Whilst I'm not great with technology, even I can publish my own internal news, it's a great feature and simple to use. We've had some good fun articles that have received some great feedback. Far better than putting something on the noticeboard, where you never know if anyone has read it!

Mobile app

You can't have a digital business without a mobile App, which is why myAko has built both iOS and Android versions of their App. Would you like us to build you a branded App because we can do this as well, just talk to the team and we will be pleased to help you.
Individual dashboard
Access eLearning on the go
Access library documents anywhere
Keep up to date with your organisations news
Want to change the mode on your App from light to dark mode, well on myAko you can with a simple flick of the switch. It's also easy to understand what courses you have to complete and when. You can utilise your mobile device to complete your courses and assessments, all via the myAko App.
What our clients say
"Our previous LMS provider didn't have a mobile App which made it harder for our employees to complete their learning outside of the office. As all of my staff have mobile phones, it makes it easy peasy for them to keep up to date".

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