Looking for more than an LMS?
We struggled finding one that did it all.
So we created our own.
An enterprise-quality learning platform, for businesses of all sizes.
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"myAko has
been a breath of
fresh air"
Emma Cropper
Autonomy Care
Looking for more than an LMS?
People centred-solutions
Our solution was developed with people in mind. Learning, communications, organisation management and more. Our mission is to make life easier.
Everything in an instant
We understand the modern consumer
That means no more waiting. Our learning platform allows you to enjoy real-time reporting and results at your fingertips.
What's more, is we plug-in to the online HR systems that you already use.
That's just another way that we make your life simpler.
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Anytime and anywhere
Manage your business on the go
Access reporting, dashboards and tasks on your online LMS from iOS or Android.
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Packed with features
Imagine a learning platform that does it all
Think events management, communications, employee development and much more.
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"I am very impressed with the system and I'm amazed at how user-friendly it is. I have been spreading the word about myAko to my friends in the industry"
Rebecca Clarke, Elizabeth House
Rebecca Clarke
Elizabeth House
"myAko has been a breath of fresh air in terms of online training. The staff have been very helpful and any concerns dealt with swiftly. I would highly recommend this service to others"
Emma Cropper, Autonomy Care
Emma Cropper
Autonomy Care
"myAko offers the Scottish SPCA a highly engaging and branded tool that is accessible for all our staff, enhancing their learning opportunities. The reporting features and course functionality were a key factor in our decision to adopt this system into the SSCPA."
Chris Hodgson, SSPCA
Chis Hodgson
"Extremely appreciative of the customer service at myAko, in particular from Jordan who has been an absolute star in assisting with the team and their setup"
Wendy Pearson, Hemhall
Wendy Pearson
"Our service was struggling to procure an online training system that would be easy to use and relevant to individual staff roles. We found myAko and now I no longer need to change staff rotas to arrange refresher courses!"
Andrew Farr, Libertus
Andrew Farr
"We moved over to the myAko platform in March and haven't looked back since! Our old platform was a world away from myAko's simple and engaging bite-size modules. Our organisation has doubled in size since we moved to myAko, and they've been there every step of the way."
Tom Shaw, PHL
Tom Shaw