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A great way to expand your client base, products, and services, without all the financial upfront costs and risk

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Benefits of becoming a reseller

If you are an existing business looking to offer your clients more products and services or want to increase your share of your client spend, simply give us a call, it’s probably the best decision you will make today!
Access to a proven, feature rich LMS
Access to a wide variety of digital learning content
Sell your content across myAko client base
White label solution
Branded login page
Cloud based scalable solution
Support with your marketing campaigns
UK account management
UK support team

We can help

Whether it’s selling your own digital learning to your clients or wishing to sell 3rd party content, myAko can help. Are you a 3rd party content provider, seeking to reach new clients, then why not bring your digital content to the myAko market place, and we will gladly help you by introducing your products and services to our clients.
Getting started

How do you get started?

How do you get started?  Simply book a meeting with us, and we can discuss your plans and see if there is a match, over a virtual coffee.
Let's get started

Some frequently asked questions

Is becoming a myAko Reseller Partner like a franchise, where I have to pay a franchise fee?

No that is not how we work, as you would be utilising your own brand, rather than the myAko brand, happy to discuss the differences on a call

I’m looking to start my own business, would becoming a myAko Reseller Partner be right for me?

Really depends on whether you can quickly acquire clients and you have a great sales background. From experience, it can take quite a while to establish a new brand and business in what is a highly competitive market

What are the fees to become a myAko Reseller Partner?

It really depends on what features and content you wish to use. It’s better to understand your requirements first, then discuss costs. The good news is, we are surprisingly affordable for an enterprise level solution

Are myAko courses accredited?

All the myAko branded courses are accredited by CPD

Is myAko GDPR compliant?

Yes, all our data is stored in Google Cloud servers based in London

Is myAko easily scalable?

Yes, it’s cloud based therefore easily scalable

Is myAko suitable for any industry?

Yes, we currently support multiple industries

Is myAko suitable for the overseas market outside of UK?

Yes, but we would need to discuss what digital learning you would like to offer

Is myAko available 24 x 7?

Yes a lot of our learners utilise our solution during the evening and over the weekend. Therefore, it’s always available at your learner’s time of need

I have my own software solution, can I integrate with myAko?

If you have an open or fairly modern APi, we potentially can link to you. Let’s discuss your solution and see if we have a good fit

Can myAko integrate with HR and Payroll software?

We can integrate with the majority of modern HR and Payroll systems