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Customisable Learning Management System at an affordable price. Get Transportation & Logistics focused training for your workers to complete anywhere, any time.

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Top courses for you

Prevention Bridge Strikes
Spill Procedure
Gas Bottle LPG Forklift Trucks
Safe Use of PPE

Why use myAko?

Quick, simple and easy to follow
Can be completed anywhere
Paperless and easily trackable
Improved learning retention
Automated system to reduce workload
Training for your admin team

Spare us a minute - save yourself many

Stage 1

Tell us your organisational requirements

This will help us build your hierarchy and tailor our training to suit your organisational needs

Stage 2

Decide your training rules

Flexibility is at the core of myAko training, so you can fit training around your employees schedules

Stage 3

We help you keep track of your training records

Simply upload your historical training records to help you keep track

Stage 4

Invite your learners to start their training on myAko

It's as simple as that!


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An interactive session to understand what goals you are seeking to achieve and how we can adapt myAko to make your life easier. This is a no obligation call, for you to gain a better understanding of myAko.