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Up to 900,000 women feel forced to leave work in the UK

Because of the detrimental impact of menopausal symptoms and the lack of support, it's time we all did something to positively help!

The good news is...

You can help today, by signing up for our new training programme and rolling this out across all employees within your organisation.

It's easy to assume that the menopause is something only women need to know about!

Educating everyone in the workplace is vital, not just for raising awareness, but for creating the right culture to encourage open and honest conversations about menopause and the impact of this on your colleagues work and personal lives. It's time for everyone to take notice, educate themselves and actively take action to drive positive change.

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Our new digital bite-sized courses include

It's good to talk, it's important to know you are not on your own and it's okay to ask for help

It's good to talk, it's important to know you are not on your own and it's okay to ask for help

The positive impact of diet, lifestyle and exercises, including exercise videos to get you started from LRG Fitness

Useful handouts including risk assessment templates, how to hold a sensitive conversation, and personal action plans

Targeting HR specialists and managers...

To better understand what your organisation can do to help. Covering areas such as:

What is menopause? The physical and mental impact of women including symptoms

The legal and moral implications to support women with menopause

What organisations, managers, and individuals can do to help colleagues with menopause

The benefits of diet and lifestyles changes

The benefits of exercise

Helping them all to gain a better understanding of the menopause and what everyone can do to help

Module 1

Introduction to Menopause and the actions you can take to help

7 Lessons

Module 2

What can organisations and managers do

16 Lessons

Module 3

The Benefits of Diet and Lifestyle Changes

10 Lessons

Module 4

The Benefits of Exercise

18 Lessons

BUPA and the Chartered Institute for Personal Development (CIPD) conducted a survey in 2019 which found that in the United Kingdom, almost 900,000 workers had left their jobs (over an undefined period), because of menopausal symptoms. This could mean that women are leaving businesses “at the peak of their experience”.  The study found that three in five menopausal women, usually aged between 45-55 years old, were negatively affected at work. An example of this was highlighted by The Guardian, in their article ‘My bosses were happy to destroy me’ – the women forced out of work by menopause.


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