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September 2022

Supporting NHS Trusts

Helping to reduce dysphagia waiting lists

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Led by the amazing Dr Liz Boaden

A team of like-minded, passionate technology innovation organisations are working together to proactively achieve a significant reduction in NHS Dysphagia waiting lists. Working in partnership with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, over the last 3 months, we have jointly delivered to care homes in the Blackpool area:

Over 150 dysphagia digital learning sessions

Over 100 SLT remote dysphagia assessments

Positive feedback

Feedback from care home managers, staff and residents has been very positive.

89% of care staff were not confident on recognising signs of dysphagia or understanding the action to take

Post digital learning, over 95% were. confident to very confident of recognising the signs of dysphagia and knowing what to do

100% rated the digital learning very good to exceptional

100% found the SLT remote assessment good to very good

How does it work?

The simple 5 step process, where we undertake all the heavy lifting for you!


A care home registers their staff for either Level 1 or Level 4 Dysphagia Teleswallowing training


Care home staff complete the training (only takes around 45 minutes)


We agree remote assessment appointments with care home manager


Undertake a SLT remote dysphagia assessment, supported by a care home staff member who is trained to level 4


SLT submits recommendations to residents GP, Care Home and Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust SLT team

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We have learnt a lot of lessons from this experience. We are very proud of our partnership and are passionate about helping other NHS Trusts.


Why not book a short 30 minute appointment with Aaron and we can discuss how we can help your Trust?  It’s probably the best decision you will make today,  we very much look forward to speaking to you and helping you reduce your dysphagia waiting lists.

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